linux kernel boot


bzImage = big zImage

linux kernel file

Linux <= 2.6.22

  • bbootsect (bootsect.o):

  • bsetup (setup.o)

  • bvmlinux (head.o, misc.o, piggy.o)


piggy.o contains the gzipped vmlinux file in its data section (ELF) (see compressed/Makefile piggy.o). All source files mentioned are in arch/i386/boot/

Linux >= 2.6.23

merged bbootsect and bsetup into one (header.o)


an abstraction of the DEFLATE compression algorithm used in the gzip file compression program

  • Wikipedia - zlib

  • Applications
    • Linux Kernel

    • libpng

    • Apache

    • OpenSSH

    • OpenSSL

    • FFmpeg

    • rsync

    • dpkg

    • Subversion

    • Git

    • PostgreSQL

feature : code is portable, liberally licensed, and has a relatively small memory footprint