Vim is a wonderful editor which appears long long ago. Now, a project called Neovim wants to refactor Vim and simplify maintenance and improve plugin architecture and many thing else. It’s making progress now, you can see Neovim - Progress - GitHub wiki for more information.

Today, I install neovim on my computer, and it seems to work fine as original Vim (with a lots of change that user hard to detect)

Now, Neovim is working on port all IO to libuv and a VimL to Lua transpiler. I hope another language will replace the Vimscript soon …

The Neovim Website

Neovim - GitHub


I install it on my Arch Linux

yaourt -S neovim-git python2-neovim-git

After installation, you can use nvim to start neovim, and the config is .nvimrc