• Wikipedia - GDK
    • GIMP Drawing Kit

    • GDK was originally developed on the X Window System for the GIMP

GdkPixbuf is a toolkit for image loading and pixel buffer manipulation.

In GTK+ version 2.22 from 2010-09-23 GdkPixbuf was split off from GDK into a separate package in preparation for the transition to GTK+ 3.

Notification servers


The following desktop environments use their own implementations to display notifications, and you cannot replace them. Their notification servers are started automatically on login to receive notifications from applications via DBus.

  • Cinnamon

  • Enlightenment


  • KDE




  • Chromium - Linux Technical FAQ
    • Why don’t Chromium notifications use the D-BUS-based notifications system (aka libnotify / notification-daemon)?
      • HTML5 notifications can contain arbitrary HTML, which is not supported by the notification protocol. (This is the same reason we don’t use Growl on OS X.)

      • Chromium’s notifications include a button that brings up an options menu, which is also not supported by the notification protocol.

      • The glitzy Ubuntu notifications daemon, by design, does not allow the user to interact with notifications at all, which doesn’t work when the notification HTML includes clickable links.

      • It would be nice to extend the protocol to allow Chromium to integrate.